Hello from Santa Monica!

So, we touched the Pacific Ocean this morning at Santa Monica Pier, took some pictures and decided it wasn’t very useful to compare the current weather here with the current weather in Pittsburgh. Life is too short and Cindy and I are both in very positive moods just now.

And the well grounded optimism gained momentum with our visit to the terrific Lincoln Middle School. Three hundred sixth graders cheering wildly in support of the little game show Cindy cooked up to teach kids about natural gas and natural gas vehicles. Everyone had noise makers, went nuts helping the three contestants vote on the answers to questions we posed (three hundred lifelines) and we really want to believe that some learning occurred. The reason we think that is based on their amazing and insightful questions. We covered it all; technical stuff, environmental stuff, policy stuff.  Everything… including the impact that natural gas fuel has on horsepower; a concern from one budding hot rodder. Not surprising; this is California, for Pete’s sake and cars rule!

Some people think our kids aren’t up to the challenges we face today. We don’t agree and you wouldn’t either seeing these Lincoln kids; they are going to leave us in the dust.  If it was up to them, we’d already be energy independent… in a safe and responsible manner of course.

We were hoping some people would be inspired today. It worked. Thanks Lincoln for helping us soar.


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