Final, almost

So, we figured everyone would want to know the final tally on fuel efficiency, fuel cost per mile and total miles driven for the Hummer Trek. So here goes.

Including the trip back home from New York, for us that means Pittsburgh, we logged 3917 miles.

Total fuel expenditures were: $507

Total fuel efficiency:​ Just below 13 miles per gge

Total cost per mile: 12.9 cents

Estimated cost per Gallon Gasoline Equivalent: $1.68

The final number increased a bit from the trip average as cost of fueling in Staten Island was a bit high and fuel efficiency deteriorated somewhat coming westward due to high winds and the mountainous terrain. Of course, we had headwinds going east through Midland that were unexpected, but fuel costs in the west were much lower; as low as $.99/gallon in Oklahoma City.

Nevertheless, fuel costs for this trip were staggeringly low; enough so that if natural gas was the fuel of choice for Americans and American commerce, the debate raging now about whether to measure consumer inflation by “core” number (excluding food and energy) or actual inflation (inclusive of both) would be a mute point.

Period to period savings in fuel costs, presuming full conversion to natural gas fuel, would be a “help” to inflation that would offset substantially increases in other commodity costs.

Bottom line…

NGV’s. Cleaner, Cheaper, A Lot More Fun and an inflation hedge soon (hopefully, with some political leadership) available to ALL.



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2 responses to “Final, almost

  1. Mark Hunsberger

    Thanks for helping to establish that we’re not driving the wrong cars here in the US, we’re just driving on the wrong fuel! As mentioned in my other comment, Oklahoma City and Salt City are leading the way in demonstrating how available and cost effective Natural Gas can be. They are unique because they are located in gas producing states and have legislatures which are taking a proactive stance in developing natural gas as a transportation fuel. Natural gas stations are abundant and the fuel is cheap in both of those areas because of their commitment. Those results can be easily replicated in other areas of the country. Many of us frequently shop at WalMart to save a few $$ on imported goods, yet we ignore the fact that American factories are no longer producing those goods because we’ve become accustomed to accepting imports. With our abundant supply of natural gas, we have a unique opportunity to revitalize our economy while using a domestically sourced fuel. Thanks for helping to demonstrate the viability of Natural Gas as a transportation fuel. With any luck, the NATGAS act will pass soon.
    Thanks for your efforts. My best wishes to you both,
    Mark Hunsberger

  2. Bill Sybert

    You would have to get 30 mpg at today’s gasoline price of $4.00 to get to the same total expenditure of $507. Simply amazing! Just think if you drove an NGV that got a 30 mpg equivalent. That trip would have only been $220. Heck, I spend more than that driving back and forth to work in a month, and you drove across the US and then some.
    Congratulation on the trip completion. It was fun watching the videos and reading the blogs. Kind of disappointing that you didn’t get more of a turnout in DC. Maybe that is what’s wrong here. Not enough interest to get it moving.

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