Nothing Is Perfect

So, Cindy and I are in DC, admiring the greatest of all monuments to our first President; noting that funny demarcation line about one quarter of the way up where the stone changes color. We remember the color change is due to the 20 year building hiatus which became reflected in the difference in stone color then available from the source quarry when construction continued. There was no getting back the matching stone; it having long been previously mined and sold; poetically, the hiatus caused “a doodle that could not be undid”. And so it is… the perfect monument… ever so slightly tainted by imperfection.

Choosing sources of energy is not perfect. From the time man rubbed two sticks together, the fights have raged about what should or shouldn’t be sacrificed in order to, among other things; keep warm, cook, build stuff, run machines, move quickly from place to place and win wars (see World War II), etc etc etc. On balance we’ve managed pretty well with those decisions in the US and remained pretty darn strong. On energy we didn’t allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good. BUT, we’re up against the wall now. We MUST choose affirmatively; and make energy choices that are not ethereal, ARE available now, and don’t depend on dozens of future Nobel Prizes to work. Abdicating the responsibility to choose assures our legacy; a future where our children rely on benevolent foreign countries for their energy needs. Adipose eventuality (Fat Chance).

With natural gas, and NGV’s, we think the choice we make to drive with this stuff and substantively contribute to eliminating our energy dependency far exceeds the manageable risks of responsible extraction and delivery. Period.

NGV’s; like life, not perfect; BUT Cleaner, Cheaper and a Lot More Fun… and here today.


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