Running on Fumes

So, when you drive with Natural Gas you know exactly what it means to be running on fumes; and let me tell you, when the fueling stations are spread out as far as they have been on occasion, Cindy and I have often worried that we are running on the fumes of the fumes… Whew.

But, you’d be so impressed by the spirit, the authentic American spirit, of all those people around the country who either drive on the fumes or are working to provide them for us crazy drivers. These are people who do it because they love the country; and hate foreign oil dependency; and are willing to put their butts on the line in support of an energy independentAmerica. They are pioneers in the laboratory of American invention and genius; the old kind of genius; the kind that comes from “doing it” and not from “talking about it”.

Anyhow, speaking about pioneers, Cindy and I were doing a media event at a station inSt. Louisand along comes this guy filling his Chevy Cavalier; not a fleet car, just a car that he got on sale. Why NGV we asked? “I like my $12/week fueling bill and I feel good about how clean the car is.” Enough said. We figure he drives about 200 miles a week on that $12 bucks or so; at $1.20/gge (gasoline gallon equivalent) at the awesome Laclede CNG station.

And then, there was the guy inMidland, Tx. (picture below) who pulled up to fuel his NGV 18-wheeler; he was hauling oil. Word Up, as the kids would say.

Driving on Fumes; Cleaner, Cheaper and A Lot More Fun; to be pioneers.


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  1. Charles Ruchis

    I drive a Jaguar which uses high octaine gas. How would I get my car converted and are there any maps with the locations of nat gas fueling stations out there? P.S. saw you on mad momey.

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