NGV’s are Cleaner, CHEAPER and A Lot More Fun…

So, a little more on this Cheaper thing; since this is a key part of our message.  NGV’s are Cleaner, Cheaper and A Lot More Fun…

Since we are driving with natural gas and since natural gas is so much less expensive than gasoline, our fueling cost per mile has been fantastically LOW; about 12 cents per mile or so. That means it has been 61% cheaper than it would have been if we had been using gasoline. How would it feel if you could slash more than half your gasoline costs? Pretty good, huh?

We haven’t talked much about Dick and Jack on this blog; but they are traveling along with us, doing videos, setting up the presentations to the kids, managing the website; basically doing it all. Dick and Jack are the grease that makes this trip move smoothly.

Anyhow, they are driving a gasoline Tahoe they call Ruby. It gets better gas mileage than the Hummer; about 17.5 mpg. Even so, we calculated their cost per mile to be about 22 cents so far. This means, even with the better mileage, Dick and Jack are paying 180% more for fuel, almost twice as much as we are paying.  Wow! 

To make the comparison even more stark, we normalized costs per mile for fuel efficiency differences between Hummer and Ruby. On that more comparable basis; the Hummer cost per mile would be about 9 cents… or 59% less than that old fashioned Ruby…

NGV’s: Always Cleaner, Cheaper, A lot More Fun… and Now Fashionably Modern.



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2 responses to “NGV’s are Cleaner, CHEAPER and A Lot More Fun…

  1. hello,
    the GEI team was in Columbus, OH today working on bringing LNG & CNG technology to the trucking industry.

    We would love to see the NG Hummer and meet you guys! We are committed to bring NG Fuels to OH, PA, & WV.

    We have contacts with the press in the area – give us a shout at 740.278.2184.

  2. pjkPA

    Murry and Cindy,

    Good luck on your trip and promoting the CNG fuel.. I think it is a great alternative to gasoline.
    My brother bought a utility company Ford pick up truck that is natural gas and gasoline. He loves it and it costs about the same to run it as his little nothing economy Toyoda.

    I do have a couple things to mention that I saw in the article.

    The HT3 does not weigh 6000lbs…. it weighs about 4700lbs unless adding a cng tank adds 1300lbs to the factory weight. 4700lbs is about the same as most full size pick ups on the road.

    The other thing is why this site is putting down electric vehicles? It makes no sense to promote CNG and put down the electric drive vehicle.
    Putting a CNG fuel source in the Chevy Volt would be the best combination imaginable for todays technology. I see no sense in putting down another very good altenative propulsion system.

    The Chevy Volt is proving to be a hugh success with many owners getting in the hundreds of MPG and hardly using any gasoline. Combined with Solar or wind electricity the car would be just about as pollution free as imaginable today.

    As far as batteries and the pollution made to produce them… I don’t think it’s any different than drilling for gas or oil which produces pollution also. I think the Chevy Volt is the best designed vehicle on the road today and over 128,000 SAE automotive engineers from around the world agree with me.

    Good luck with the CNG vehicles … they are a good alternative to gasoline… and I happen to think the Chevy Volt is just as good a alternative with much better performance. The no shifting driveline is far superior to any ICE vehicle on the road.

    If you disaggree with me… the best thing you could do is DON”T drive a Chevy Volt… it will turn you against yourself!

    Perry Kravec
    Bethel Park, PA.

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