Stares, Comments and Whistles

Murry and I have officially become sexy again. One unfortunate fact of
getting older is that you don’t generate as much attention when you’re
out in public. You might think that cute construction worker is
looking at you, but he’s really checking out your gorgeous teenage
daughter next to you.

Friends, all that changes when you’re driving a jacked up nat gas
Hummer. It’s the new sexy. Just last night we sat down to a meal of
Kansas City barbecue and watched the plate turn cold while the young
waiter talked our ears off. It all started when he spotted the Hummer
through the restaurant window and asked if we owned it. Fifteen
minutes later, we knew his life story and he was an NGV convert. I
think he would’ve gotten in the car with us if we had room for him.

People in the Midwest are friendly. As we drive down the road, folks
read the side of our car and smile. Truck drivers honk and wave. You’d
think we were Tom Selleck and Daisy Duke riding in a Chevy
convertible! The cost of gasoline is on everyone’s mind while they’re
driving. When drivers spot a patriotic Hummer with the words “Cleaner,
Cheaper and a Lot More Fun” plastered on the side, they like what they

And then there’s all the people we meet in parking lots, stores and
motels. Someone will see our car and once the questions start, they
don’t stop. Everyone wants to know how much cheaper nat gas is. As
soon as they hear that it’s $2.50 less per gallon equivalent, they
want to know where they can get an NGV, how do they fuel it, what kind
of car can they get… The come on is really strong! We’ve had to
pretend to hear our cell phone ringing so we can leave and get to our
next road stop.

I guess we loaded the deck by tarting up the Hummer in red, white and
blue. But like aging celebrities, we’re not above shameless promotion
to attract some attention. The best part is that underneath our cute
exterior, we have some seriously good ideas. And in the end, it’s the
whole package that’s sexy — Cleaner, Cheaper and A Lot More Fun!


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One response to “Stares, Comments and Whistles

  1. Patty Tofil

    Sounds like the trip is going well — and you’re DEFINITELY a hit. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. Sounds like you guys are really educating the country about the benefits of a natural gas vehicle which is great!!

    Be safe.

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