Cleaner, CHEAPER and A Lot More Fun…

So, we’ve been to about half the middle schools we intend to visit on this trip.  All told we expect to visit with about 3500 kids talking to them about natural gas; how much there is, how it comes out of the ground, what it is used for and a whole bunch of other stuff that is on their minds.  

Anyhow, one of the biggest issues on their minds is the cost of transportation; not put in so many words, but when mom and dad won’t take you to the mall, or cut back on vacation plans, or tell you that the field trip is too expensive this year; you can bet that transportation cost is front of mind.  In EVERY school we visited, most recently the fabulous Dunbar Middle School in Fort Worth, kids are VERY aware of this problem; so naturally the cost of fuel for our trip comes up a lot and here is how we are answering it.  

Fuel cost per mile seems the best metric for comparing fuel costs between NGV’s and gasoline fueled vehicles because it is relatively easy to measure. You can KNOW how much you’ve spent on fuel and you can KNOW how many miles you’ve gone.  

So far we have driven about 1775 miles and based on our fuel costs to date, we are spending about 12 cents/mile… 12 cents… that’s right. Assuming we get about 12-13 miles per gallon in this old Hummer H3T, that would mean that our average price per gallon in gasoline terms would be about $1.50/gallon.

A Hummer H3T with the same gas mileage would be costing about 31 cents/mile; gasoline prices averaging $4.00/gallon.  

Driving with gasoline would have made our fuel cost 258% higher than driving with Natural Gas. Forget THAT.

Cleaner, CHEAPER and A Lot More Fun… Did we say CHEAPER?



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2 responses to “Cleaner, CHEAPER and A Lot More Fun…

  1. Dave

    First how about home fueling with existing low pressure natural gas lines many American already have. Then pressurize or liquifying said gas in the home. Quantify those costs.

    Publish the cost of natural gas trends over the last five years. Not averages because NG costs differ greatly by region. Publish the cost of an NG equivalent of Gasoline.

    Next publish a comparison, in table form, cost per mile.

    Please crunch and re-crunch the numbers in several formats until it makes financial sens. Only then will you get true “buy in”.

    Prove your position rather than provide feelings and I will trade in my car.


  2. Dave

    sense… spell check in comments would be nice too..

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