Making new Nat Gas friends on the road!

So, it’s the weekend, we have no school stops. We’re five days and about a 1000 miles into our trip promoting the many virtues of Natural Gas as a transportation fuel; and how about the low cost. For emphasis, the low fueling prices make us think we’ve been beamed back into time; and you can’t believe how many people have told us that if they just had an NGV they would not have cancelled their driving vacation. That is sad; but that is reality. However fast we may be moving toward broad access to NGV’s and more fueling stations, it sure isn’t fast enough for the Americans we talk to; no way.

But hope comes from the many tireless advocates that we’ve had the pleasure to meet so far. In Tucson, Colleen, who promotes all types of alternative vehicles set up breakfast at a fueling stop. We had a delightful time with Art and his wife in Las Cruces as he used his technical prowess to boost a little extra into our tanks.  Between Tucson and Fort Worth, we are stretching our vehicle’s capacity as there are darn few stations. Mike and Jay met us on Sunday in El Paso; and that was an outsized effort which we most appreciated.

All these people know in their gut what sometimes gets a bit mangled in translation. Natural Gas for vehicle fueling is smart, beneficial and important for the country. 

Another way to put this is that All-American NGV’s are Cleaner, Cheaper and A Lot More Fun!!!


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