Day Three…

Saturday morning in Tucson, Arizona. No school performances today, but Colleen Crowninshield, the Clean Cities Coordinator for the region, organized a meet-and-greet at the Clean Energy station on Winsett Avenue. A small but interested turnout — we were in competition with the local Blues Festival — standing under the awning munching lemon bars and quizzing us about our experiences with NGVs. A few already had natural gas vehicles; others were seriously considering the possibilities. Thanks, Colleen, for a great morning — this woman is a great source of energy herself! Check out her Twitter page @altfuelgirl. Afterwards, we headed to Las Cruces where Arthur Garcia and his charming wife were gracious enough to interrupt their Saturday and open up the local refueling station so we’re ready for the trek tomorrow morning to Midlands, TX. Check out the video…


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  1. Bill Sybert

    Longest stretch coming up! How’s the fuel mileage so far?
    Looking forward to the next update. Big thumbs up to your efforts!

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