My Nat Gas Hero

As we prepare to hit the road in Los Angeles, Murry is seized by a sudden panic. Are we CRAZY for doing this? We’ve left behind our children and home to spend the next 15 days in a military vehicle. No room for sightseeing on this trip, as we drive…visit with schools and communities…pack up…eat road food…sleep…then get up and do it again the next day.

Our families and friends are treating us as if we’re mildly insane. What rational person spends this amount of time, money and energy to tell the country a story? My husband, that’s who. And here’s why.

Murry is the American success story. He was raised in a struggling family on the south side of Chicago and attended some pretty rough public schools. Fortunately for him, there were some mentors in those schools who cared enough to push him in science, band and sports. He couldn’t afford the luxuries of private lessons and the best equipment, but he was inspired to succeed. A small Lutheran college took a chance on him and offered a scholarship that changed his life. When all of his friends left high school to work in the steel mills, Murry packed a bag, got on his bike, and took off for Augustana.

That education led to a graduate degree in Geology (while working full time and supporting a family) and great careers at Shell and EQT. When Murry retired last year, he received dozens of touching letters from co-workers at EQT who thanked him for providing the well paying jobs that made it possible for their children to go to college. It was the best retirement present Murry could have received.

Most people would be tempted to rest easy at this point. Murry has worked like a dog since he was 10 years old. So why is he making this crazy trip? Because he wants to pay it forward – to hopefully inspire a few people the way he was inspired as a child. He knows that using American natural gas can change the future for our kids and all kids across the country.

And why am I tagging along? That’s easy. Because I am so proud of him and I believe in this mission. I hope you will feel the same way.


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