Size matters!

So before we decided on a Natural Gas powered Hummer H3T, Cindy and I thought a lot about which vehicle we wanted to drive across the country to promote energy independence. That decision generated a whole lot of discussion; you can be sure of that. Obviously, the size of the vehicle was one discussion topic. Frankly, I didn’t think size mattered much but Cindy disagreed; but not for the reason you might think.

First off, she said, a lot of people can’t drive these prissy little cars because they have lots of kids, and baseball gear and soccer balls and field hockey sticks and  bunches of stuff the kids leave in the car; not to mention food. Then there are animals and I don’t care how small you are, there is no room in a Smart Car for a Labrador retriever. Forget about golf clubs or fishing rods altogether.

Plus, Cindy said you shouldn’t need to have a small car for around the house and another car when you need to visit the far flung relatives and need to haul everyone and everything along; although when she started to make this case, I can’t lie, I was starting to see the advantage of a smaller car. But she wasn’t having any of it.  And, as usual, I had the last word on the subject; Yes ma’am.

So “we” thought that it was best to drive a big car across the country to prove you can do it and to make people realize that they can drive whatever they want to drive, go where they want to, haul whatever they want to and, as we’ve said before; do it cheaper and cleaner.

I guess the bottom line is that it’s not the size of the car you drive that is important these days… it’s what you put in it.

By  the way, if you run out of juice in your electric car on the way somewhere, we will be happy to pick you up. No “charge” (cute, huh?)

Go Natural Gas. Have Fun!!!!!


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  1. delightful article, lots of fun and good insight. Just proud to know such special folks. Sending email hugs and lots of love, N.B.C.
    p.s. if you stop by Florida, I will be glad to “juice you up”

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