So the country is in a pickle…

…because we don’t have enough oil to run our cars and trucks.  People in other countries own most of the world’s oil, and because we use so much, they can charge us whatever they want for it.  Because of that, you’ve probably noticed the price of stuff we need is going up… a lot. And worse, if things don’t improve soon, it’s possible our children won’t be able to turn the lights on without prior permission from someone, somewhere in the world that we don’t even know. Whew!

So, Cindy (my wife) and I want to do something about that.  Actually, what we want to do is to draw attention to an amazing development that can solve the crippling crisis that is embodied in our country’s energy dependency. Through the marvel of American genius and tenacity, our country is now blessed with hundreds of years of natural gas supply. We can use it to heat our homes, generate our electricity, and fuel our cars and trucks. ALL our homes; ALL our electricity and ALL our cars and trucks. We’re focusing on the last part; particularly the car part.

So, we thought… let’s drive across the country and tell everyone about natural gas and it’s many virtues; which is exactly what we are doing; starting April 26th. Did you know that if we all drove natural gas cars, collectively we’d save $500 billion per year? That’s about $2300 PER DRIVER. That’s because natural gas fuel costs $2.50 less per gallon than gasoline.

We’re driving a Hummer. Why? Because everyone thinks it’s dirty; which it might be with gasoline fuel, but it certainly IS NOT (thank you) with natural gas fuel. Our special Hummer is actually cleaner than a Smart Car. So we thought why not drive something fun that you can feel good about.

Hmmm. Cleaner, Cheaper, More Fun… and totally American. Wow!


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