Go Natural Gas!

Murry and Cindy Gerber and Seamus

Follow us as we drive a natural gas-powered Hummer — the supposedly “dirtiest vehicle of them all” — across the country to demonstrate first-hand that Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) really are cleaner for the environment, cheaper to run and maintain, and a lot more fun!



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8 responses to “Go Natural Gas!

  1. Barry Balmat

    Great idea!
    Is there any public sendoff? I live in Santa Monica now, and RAND’s RAND’s office is a couple of blocks from the Santa Monica Pier. It would be nice to see you at the starting line.


  2. Myla and Groth

    Hey Hey, you are on your way. Good Luck and Good Travels. This is such a great idea, one that we all can embrace.

    We will be watching the blog and see you in New York.

    Myla and Dan

  3. Bill Sybert

    I hope the day went well. Thinking about you two today. Anxious to hear how things are going. Good luck.

  4. Paul and Joani Glasser

    Okay, on the move. Wish you were stopping in Bellingham, WA, but got to go east. We will follow along on the adventure.

    Love ya, God’s Speed.

    Paul and Joani

  5. ScottD

    Murry, I work with your brother, Paul, here in Bellingham. I’m the gas buyer for the hospital and when it’s time to layer in a hedge, it’s always fun to hear Paul say, “Well, I think we should consult, The Wizard!” (Did you know you were “The Wizard”?) I share your enthusiasm for natural gas powered transportation and think, too, that the transformation of our infrastructure is the new revolution for independence just waiting to happen. Hopefully your expedition will serve as the PR catalyst this country seems to need get the “chain reaction” ignited. Best of luck to you and I hope to meet you someday.

  6. Dear Friends . . . while in NE Ohio near Pittsburgh PA, please contact us. We are bringing low cost LNG / CNG fuels to this part of the USA. Contact us at 888.483.3312 x 103

    We would like to treat you to lunch or dinner!
    Thank you for promoting clean natural gas fuels.
    James Lewis
    COO – LNG Project Development

  7. Chris Glidden

    Public is probably confused about the difference of Natural Gas and Propane fuel vehicles. Could someone clear that up?
    Some Hot Rodders are converting there gas guzzler Rods to propane. Alot of conversion kits aval. Heck even Stock Car Racing hot rodding Jack Roush has started a propane conversion company!

  8. Charles & Tricia Smith

    Cindy & Murry,
    Congratulations on your very successful trip! Not only did you do something that has never been done before but more importantly,
    you have very impressive statistics to show that natural gas is a very viable, clean, & cheap way to fuel personal cars & trucks.
    Great job!
    The Dad & Tricia

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